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He’s the stopper.  A candidate to strikeout ten every time.  The A’s were hot, but last night they showed some signs of slowing against the mighty Doug Fister.  Look for a big one out of Verlander.


Yep, that Zito.  Barry Zito.  He has  2.21 ERA this year, in case you weren’t paying attention.  He’s cheap, at least in Fanduel.   He’s also going against Joe Saunders who, after a strong start, is likely to get blown up again.


Look for him to build on last week’s strong outing against the light hitting Padres

Shining Stars

Cano has been hot.  Even yesterday, when the meat of the Yankees order was light, Cano had an RBI single in his final at-bat.  He has historically crushed Kevin Millwood.  It continues today.

Elvis Andrus loves facing Jared Weaver.   A .413 lifetime average in nearly 50 ab’s.  Shortstop is a weak position.  Not many better options today than Andrus.

Here’s the Value

Ibanez.  He stays hot.  He loves facing Millwood

Konerko.  Loves daytime hitting.

Nick Johnson.  Homered Friday.  Hitting in the middle of the order

Lucroy doing the catching.  Hitting 2nd in front of Braun he puts up some points.

Ben Francisco hitting in the middle of the order

Final Thoughts

Orioles sweep Shields and the Rays.

Looking for the Yankees to terrorize the Mariners in a very high scoring affair.  Hamels to shut down Padres.
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