Performance, Not Value

It may sound obvious, but the point if often missed.  Daily fantasy football players get so obsessed with finding value from players, they forget performance.  Ultimately, especially if you are in a large daily or weekly fantasy football league, you need very high scoring.  Extremely high!  In order to be the ultimate winner of one of those contests, you will likely need most of the week’s high scorers.

Figure out who the week’s high scorers will be first, then figure out how to get enough value in order to get those guys in the lineup.

I once heard that the smartest people in the room are the ones who have the best grasp on the obvious.  Playing for points and not value is so often overlooked by even the best daily fantasy sports players.

This could never happen to me, you might say.  Here’s how it happens.  You have a few solid guys you like to have a big week.  You realize those guys are going to cost a significant piece of your budget.  You also know that you must get value from every position and every player on your daily fantasy football roster.  You start researching daily fantasy football value plays of the week.

You realize, when researching the value plays, some “cheap” guys are more likely than others to put up a few points.  Those guys have lower risk, lower reward.  You pick those cheap guys to go along with your expensive stars.

Don’t do that!

You need high risk, high reward.  Every week, a couple of guys you didn’t expect to be anywhere near the leaderboards are right up there.  You need to be the player with one of those guys.  This is probably more true in Daily Fantasy Baseball than it is in Daily Fantasy Football, but it is still true!  Pay attention.  Don’t lay off the risk.  High risk, high reward is how to win daily fantasy sports.