Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football is Everywhere

The NFL loves fantasy football!  It engages fans.  It makes fans interested in football as a whole, not just their own team.  The NFL’s fantasy football site grew, according to CNBC by 50% from 2010 to 2011.

When asked about fantasy football, Cory Mummery, an executive with the NFL said, “We just want the fantasy industry, as a whole, to grow as big as possible.”  It’s no secret the NFL is trying to compete with the likes of ESPN and Yahoo fantasy football at its own game.

What is Weekly Fantasy Football?

Weekly fantasy football is the newest version of fantasy football.  The NFL hasn’t made official statements on weekly fantasy football, other than Mummery’s comments.  Weekly fantasy football is fantasy football, but it also has similarities to sports wagering.

The biggest difference between traditional and weekly is, with weekly, you can pick a new team each week.  Instead of one whole season, you start and finish in a single week with Weekly Fantasy Football.  You can even pick two, three, or twenty different teams each week.

The Specifics

You can generally pick whatever players you want as long as their combined salaries are under the salary cap.  (All weekly fantasy football sites do it slightly differently, but salary cap is almost always a part of the process.)

You compete against others who have picked teams for that particular week.  You will compete in two person, ten person, or thousand person leagues, and everything in between.  The options are limitless.

Weekly football is for the die-hard FFB fan.  It’s also for the fan whose traditional fantasy football team is doing terrible or out of the running.  If you are sick and tired of hearing about how great your co-workers team is while you’re in last, weekly is for you.

By the same token, if you are great at fantasy football, weekly is for you too.  Weekly gives you a chance to show off skills that otherwise might get overshadowed by bad luck. Weekly fantasy football is, without a doubt, the next craze.  Don’t be left out!

What Else Do You Need to Know

  • Weekly and Daily Fantasy Football are virtually the same thing
  • Important:  Play only at reputable sites!
  • The strategy is a little different than traditional games
  • There are free games and paid games.  The are also freerolls designed for players who don’t want to put up any money, but want to win real money.
  • Different site are right for different kinds of players
  • Have fun!

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