The Best Daily Fantasy Sites Don’t Sell Research

A daily fantasy game has a lot going on.  First, you need to choose your game.  You need to study the scoring method.  You need to view opponents and their previous histories.  You need to choose a lineup under the salary cap.  You need to know which games in the real sport count in the daily fantasy game.  There is a lot to juggle.

There also needs to be some sense of the community on the site.  This can be as simple as a link to a relatively active forum, but can also be as intricate as interactive chat.  Support should also always be close at hand.

The last thing you need is player news getting in the way.  Daily fantasy sites need to understand their players are going to go to many other websites to study up on players, weather, games and match-ups.

There are an infinite amount of player news sources.  There doesn’t need to be another one getting in the way of the daily fantasy game.
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