Weekly Fantasy Football – Why So Long?

I’ve asked myself, why did it take so long to gel for me.  I first started exploring the daily / weekly fantasy sports world years ago.  In 2007 I took a very hard look.  I was an early player in Rotohog daily fantasy baseball.  I came in 18th I think.  I was on the site literally every day.  Winner got $100K.  I got a signed Ozzie Smith baseball.  Woohoo.

From what I can tell, rotohog didn’t make it or got snapped up and is now part of something larger.  I had some email conversations with their CEO.  Nice guy.  Great concept and a great site.  First movers sometimes have it rough.  Friendster comes to mind.

But I digress.  Daily fantasy sports is completely compelling for a die-hard fantasy sports person like me.  I knew intellectually that it would make it as a concept.  There is a nice UIGEA carve out that allows fantasy sports without much more specificity.  It was bound to succeed.  But there was always, up until very recently, something missing.  That something was community.

Daily / weekly fantasy sports needs a mass of people.  It needs scale.  It needs players for various dollar levels, various skill levels, and instant games.  The more people there are, the more you get the game you want, when you want it.  That’s what exists now in 2012 that didn’t exist before.  It’s visceral.  You feel it.  That’s what I felt recently.  That’s why I’m doing this site.  Weekly fantasy football, here we come!
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