Two Distinct Blogs

I now have two separate and distinct blogs with the topic of weekly and daily fantasy sports.  This, of course, is one.  I shall confine my discussion to weekly fantasy football.  I had been making baseball picks on this site, too.  From now on, this site is dedicated to football only.  I am in the process of beefing up the site to include site reviews, promotions, information, strategy, rule differences, etc.

The baseball site is  The plan is to, starting after my honeymoon, make daily fantasy baseball picks twice per week.  I literally spend two hours creating the picks.  It’s pretty intense.  I study matchups, weather, how the player has been performing, starting lineups, you name it.  On that site, I will buycbdproducts – Fanduel” href=””>review daily fantasy sites from a baseball perspective.  On this site, I will do it from a football perspective.