Weekly Fantasy Football Picks – Week Five


  • Philip Rivers – Was every Saint formerly a Charger and every Charger formerly a Saint?  Well, no.  Remember, Brees was the Chargers QB before Rivers was drafted to be the future of the franchise.  Last year, it would have been laughable to think that move worked out long-term.  Tonight in the Big Easy, it may not be so laughable.  I’ll take the value tonight and go with Rivers.  I think both QB’s have a good game.  Take the over in this one.

Running Backs

  • Ray Rice – He is 13th in the NFL in rushing.  He will not finish the season so low.  Games like today is where he gets back to where he is supposed to be near the top.  Plus, everyone is now talking about Flacco.  When everyone is talking about something, it’s the other thing.  Be a contrarian.
  • Adrian Peterson – Ten run D sucks.  Peterson is pretty good.  No more than that.  If you need some value in your daily fantasy football picks, look to Bradshaw on the Giants.

Wide Receivers

  • Jordy Nelson – Even though Indy pass D is pretty good, they are down a few guys on the defensive unit.  Jennings is hurt, so Nelson, who has been improving week to week, is the guy.
  • Julio Jones –  Everyone is talking Roddy White.  Redskins pass D is horrible.  For my way of thinking, that means Julio Jones makes a great pick.

Tight End

  • Dennis Pitta


  • Garrett Hartley 


  • Bears


  • BOBBY MEACHEM – How pissed must he be that he couldn’t get paid in the Big Easy?  How much does he have to prove today?

Pick of the Day

  • Ray Rice.  Costs a lot.  Worth the price today.

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