Week Two Daily Fantasy Football Picks


  • Drew Brees – Unlike last week, there are not a lot of good, cheap options at quarterback this week.  Brees wasn’t horrible last week, and he and the Saints have a lot to prove at this point.  Last time Brees faced the Panthers – January 1 of this calendar year – he threw for 389 yards and 5 touchdowns.  Anything similar to that today makes him a lock for the best starting fantasy football quarterback of the week.

Running Backs

  • CJ Spiller – I have a feeling he will be a popular pick in weekly/daily fantasy football this week.  He went off for more than 150 yards last week after Fred Jackson got hurt early.  He was the number 9 overall pick in 2010.  He was always supposed to be good.  This is his breakout year!  The Chiefs-Bills game has the making of a high scoring one and I think Spiller contributes to the points.  He is also a resident of valuetown, at least for another few weeks.
  • Adrian Peterson – I kind of thought I’d never pick Peterson as a top start in 2012 and I’d pick Gerhart a couple of times.  Wow how one week can change things.  The Colts do not defend the run very well and Peterson looks ready to excel.  I don’t like other high priced RB’s this week, opting instead for Peterson.

Wide Receivers

  • Reggie Wayne – A few years ago, Wayne as the number one wide out would be expected from week to week.  This year, having the most receiving yards is anything but expected, but it’s exactly what came last week.  And I think it might be the start of a revitalization year.  He needs to resurrect a career and Andrew Luck needs to begin one.  I think Wayne has another good performance in week two.
  • Brandon Gibson –  We need another resident for valuetown, and Gibson is it.  He was a favorite target for Sam Bradford last week and I’m looking for the trend to continue against the Skins this week.

Tight End

  • Jimmy Graham – If you believe in the Brees story this week, you have to believe in the Graham story.  He is a Brees favorite.  Expect he catches at least six balls, even with some double coverage and defensive help in the middle.  In the Saint Panthers game from the 2011 season described above, Graham caught 8 balls for 97 yards and a TD.


  • Garrett Hartley – A hyperpowerful offense and an awesome defense will make for a number of field goal tries.  The packers will move the ball through the air pretty well but will have a tough time getting the ball in the end zone.  I like Crosby to start off the 2012 campaign with a bang.


  • Patriots – I like the Pats at home against AZ.  Their defense is a top five unti for sure.  One of the usual problems with the Pats D doesn’t apply today.  They will likely not run up the score, because the Cardinals defense isn’t terrible themselves.  I’m looking for a 34-10 game with a couple AZ turnovers.


  • Spiller
  • Gibson

Pick of the Day

  • At the risk of being a week late, I’m taking AP as my pick of the week.

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