Week One Daily Fantasy Football Picks


  • Jay Cutler – He is a monster in week one performances.  Since 2007, he has thrown for 300 yards every opener except one.  He plays a week defense, Indianapolis, and he has a lot to prove if he is to actually make the leap to being a great quarterback.  Couple that with a healthy Forte and new addition Brandon Marshall and I like strong numbers from Cutler today.  Don’t forget, Marshall was a top target for Cutler when the two played in Denver.  Expect good things.  And Cutler is a great value most places.
  • Tom Brady – If you insist on spending money on your quarterback, go with Brady over the other big guys.  His matchup – at Tennessee – is better than Aaron Rogers facing the top tier SF defense or Brees facing the Skins.  But I’d stick with Cutler and the value.

Running Backs

  • Shonn Greene – I think he’s one of the underrated stories coming into this year.  He is set to see a ton of carries.  He was highly touted and a lot was expected.  Maybe it hasn’t been delivered on, and maybe it’s the system.  It all changes this year.  And this year starts today.  Buffalo was 28th against the run last year.  Greene has a good history against the division rival.  Like Cutler, Greene is a resident of valuetown.
  • LeSean McCoy – If you want to spend the money somewhere, spend it here.  Vick stays clean and healthy.  That means lots of carries for McCoy!

Wide Receivers

  • Calvin Johnson – Continue spending your daily fantasy football budget here with Megatron.  He’s essentially the most likely receiver to get you 100 yards.  He more than justifies the price.
  • Brandon Marshall –  Read my Cutler story above.

Tight End

  • Brent Celek – In looking for even more value at the tight end spot, I settled on Brent Celek.  Vick, playing for the money, should be back in a big way this year.  Celek has always been one of his favoriate targets.  Vick needs to stay healthy.  That means a lot of quick passes, right up the tight end’s alley.  The Browns were mediocre against TE’s last year.


  • Mason Crosby – A hyperpowerful offense and an awesome defense will make for a number of field goal tries.  The packers will move the ball through the air pretty well but will have a tough time getting the ball in the end zone.  I like Crosby to start off the 2012 campaign with a bang.


  • The Texans or the Bears – I like all of the teams facing rookie quarterbacks. I like the Texans and the Colts more than the rest.  Miami doesn’t have a particularly balanced attack, nor do the Colts.  Moreover, often, the best defense is a good offense.  The Bears and Texans will each control the game well.


  • Cutler
  • Greene
  • Celek

Pick of the Day

  • Jay Cutler to Brandon Marshall

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